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 The Northstar Team Foundation is the non profit organization that supports the Northstar Ski and Snowboard Team.  Each year we raise funds for the resources needed to support the coaches and athletes. This page is designed for you to get familiar with our organization and provide you with the next steps for the upcoming season

Next Steps

Donate to our annual giving program

Purchase merchandise

Save the important dates to your calendar

Our mission is to empower athletes to reach their potential 

We need your support

At Northstar Team Foundation, we are proud of the impact we have made in our community thanks to the generous contributions of families like yours. The Northstar Team Foundation is a vital source of support that enables continued athlete progression.

To ensure that we can continue to provide the resources and opportunities that our athletes deserve, we strive for 100% participation from our Northstar Team families during our annual giving campaign.


We are grateful for your continued support and dedication. We are asking every family to donate $200 in annual dues to Northstar Team Foundation so we can continue to support the resources needed to create gold medal athletes in life and sport.

Northstar Team Foundation Provides The Resources

  • Scholarships for athletes

  • Funds for coaching staff that supports growth and development

  • Training arena with dedicated hill space equipped with snowmaking 

  • Performance mindset coach working with staff and athletes on hill

  • Athlete Resource Center (ARC) space for video review, tuning equipment

  • Jackets and merchandise 

  • Community events throughout the season 


Sweatshirts and hats can be purchased year round at Tahoe Mountain Realty, located in the Northstar Village

Team jackets and speed suit orders have closed for the season 

Looking for gear or have gear to sell/donate? Check out the NSST classified page

Stay Connected!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Facebook has a parent page set up to help answer questions - connecting parents together!


Save The Dates

Building community

"Fall Kick Off" October 21st

Join Northstar Team Foundation for a community event not to be missed! Jacket pick up and more. 

February 17, 2024

Annual Let's Move Mountains Fundraiser 


May 17th - 19th 2024

Corn and Holes: Ski and Golf Tournament 

Summer Contacts

Northstar Team Foundation (NTF) supports summer training opportunities such as camps, dry land training and mountain biking.  Northstar Ski and Snowboard Teams (NSST) supports the winter operations through Northstar Resort.   

In simple terms:

NTF - Non Profit that supports the additional resources to coaches and athletes

NSST - On hill coaching and winter training as it relates to competition and development programs

Please note, every staff member enjoys the outdoors and our roles take us away from our computers. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response. Take the time to review the material on this website as well as on the NSST site before emailing!

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