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Over the past 10 years, we have successfully built the foundation of support for the Northstar coaches and athletes.  We are proud of the work we have done, the brand we have built and the dedication of our community sponsors and donors. 

Our vision is to continue to build a Foundation that enables every child an opportunity to pursue their goals on the Northstar Ski & Snowboard team and every coach an opportunity to produce gold medal athletes in life and sport.
Together we can make an impact on the coaching staff and athletes and help us transform lives one run at a time.

Let's Move Mountains

We are proud to be part of the athlete and coach journey. Help us to provide the resources as their limitless future unfolds

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We focus our fundraising efforts on providing the resources needed for the Northstar Team Athletes and Coaches.

Scholarships - Award over $60,000 a year in financial support

Year Round Training Opportunities - Provide the necessary volume and experience to allow athletes to progress to the highest level with specialized camps

Athlete Support - Performance mindset coaching and educational tools

Athlete Resource Center (ARC) - Provide an onsite location for video review, tuning equipment, cross training with gym equipment for dryland training and a space to collaborate with peers

Coach Support - Facilitate a career pipeline for coaching staff

The Northstar Team Foundation Training Arena - Dedicated space for our athletes on-hill with exclusive snowmaking capabilities for early-season training and consistent training surface



“On the mountain, I am learning independence and communication skills. I use these as well as the lessons on challenge, success, and failure in my everyday life at home and school. They help me navigate the increasingly challenging world in which I live.” NSST Athlete

Save the date for our annual Let's Move Mountains Fundraiser
Mountain Lotus Yoga
Truckee, CA 

February 17,2024

We Need Your Support Today!

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