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December 12 - 19

Giving Week 2020

Because of just how unpredictable the future may seem today, we know that the opportunities our organization can help unlock and the skills we can help develop are essential to our athletes, now more than ever.

2020 Giving Week Supports

 Athlete Scholarships 

Raise Funds

Remove Barriers

Reward Athletes


100+ Scholarships

Granted To-Date


Scholarships Go Toward Tuition, Competition Fees & Camps 


$50,000 Fundraising 

Goal for 2021

The Northstar Team Foundation has unlocked the doors of opportunity for athletes for over 6 years by providing scholarships that remove the financial barriers that are inherent in snow sports.

We need your support to continue our mission.

2019 Scholarship Recipients



The Foundation’s support has helped to pay for part of my team tuition and has allowed me to snowboard at the US Ski & Snowboard Nationals in Colorado. 



The wonderful opportunities that the Northstar Team Foundation gave me with this scholarship allowed me to work hard and achieve my goals.


Without the support of the Team Foundation scholarships, I wouldn’t be able to participate in the race team program at Northstar.

Join Us!

December 12 - 19

Giving Week 2020


There are more opportunities to join our Let's Move Mountains fundraising series open to everyone looking to help support our cause.

What's Next?

Our Annual Auction Fundraiser is January 17th, 2021

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