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The Mental Edge Project

Being an athlete on top of your game is more than just being strong and fast. Mental skills are also vital for resiliency and coping with uncontrollable obstacles and setbacks inherent in sport and in life. 

The Northstar Team Foundation is proud to support performance mindset coaching

Krista Haskell, Performance Mindset coach, works with Northstar Team athletes on the hill during the season. She is instrumental in coaching athletes through the stresses of competition. The tactics of breath work and refocus techniques are giving every Northstar athlete the tools to perform at their best. Krista started working with the coaching staff, last year implemented a Zoom educational series and this year made an impact by identifying how she can coach kids through competition hurdles.  

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The Mental Edge Project
This program will prepare you to respond to the challenges of competition and provide the mental edge to compete at the highest level.

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